Painting over Peeling Behr Deck Over Independence Kentucky

    Check out the Condition that this Northern Kentucky Deck was found in ; 
This Decks Paint was Peeling Everywhere. It showed extreme Sun Damage ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ’ฅ.  HOWEVER.......

 Wood is extremely versatile. And even though damage had taken place, there was alot of life still left in the wood. 
  I had zero doubts about Kong Armor's ability to Lock this Decks Peeling Paint Down and Create a Insanely Tough new surface for our clients. ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

  In fact since the surface of this deck was already weathered and damaged. I decided it was a smart idea for this particular deck painting project, to deploy a technique that I sorta quasi invented around 2011. 

It's called ' Surface Burning' and it helps us achieve insane ADHESION with Our Deck Coating System here at Kong Armor.   

   We use High Pressure water to just slightly damage  the surface of the wood , we use this in replacement of sanding. 

   KONG ARMOR has a INSANELY thick build coating, that hides the damage from ' SURFACE BURNING', so u can never tell that we did it basically...... 

The benefits our crazy better adhesion.... 

Here is a close up of what the Deck looked like before we Pressure Washed. .... 

  As you can see the deck was just in horrible shape, so we felt good about (SURFACE BURNING) and then we laid out a Plan to Paint the Decks  Rails, Trim, And Support Post With 2 Coats of our Armor. And the Deck Floor and any Horizontal Surfaces 4 Coats.

Here is the Results:

And  Here is Some Pictures of The Deck Painting Project Independence KY Complete.     

Kong Armor Deck Painters made this Deck In Independence , Kentucky Super Strong and Gorgeous 
This Photo Demonstrates *Superbuild a Kong Armor feature , We interweave 4 or more coats of Kong Armors Deck Coating onto the floor, The Result is a Extremely Tough High Build Finish. It feels great on the feet.  

The Stairs were also coated with our ultra thick deck armor system. also in a interweave pattern to build additional strength, And in 4 coats to combat abrasion and the sun

This rails and all vertical Surfaces of this deck were coated with two really thick coats of our Armor system. Resulting in a Beautiful Finish, that is high stretch and can handle expansion and contraction and movement.

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