Best Deck Painter in Northern Kentucky ❓ Find Out who and why❗❗

Did you Know that Decks are one of the most challenging structures to keep painted properly long term , on the planet. 🌍

   So it is vital that you find the best deck painter for your deck. Because a basic handy man , ain't going to get it done properly. 

   Decks are constantly moving, through wood expansion and contraction, through shifting, and settling, they also sway and have movement when they are being used with traffic on them. 

   This is one reason they are so challenging to keep coated. Especially their floors❗

    Another reason is the ........

Sun, 🌞.  

That's right. The giant star in the sky closest to earth. 🌏

    Because the Sun has Ultraviolet Rays that destroy a paint's ADHESION.  And also it's the main reason for the wood's expansion and contraction. So it's responsible for most of the movement of a deck as well. 

   Take this serious as your looking for a Deck Painter. Ask the Person your about to hire if they know about the effects that cause a Decks Paint System to fail. 

If they cannot pinpoint the two reasons pointed out above. ,   then how could they ever properly prepare and coat your deck for longevity.❓



The Answer is :   .... KONG ARMOR 🦍

Kong Armor is the most experienced and Best Restoration Deck Painter in Northern Kentucky. 

For a Decade or longer our Proprietor Anthony Ford has been developing trade practices and procedures to deal with The Sun and the Shifting and Movement of Decks. 


    Firstly being Kong Armor's Utilization of a Ultra Thick- High Build - High Stretch Coating. That also has Contraction Capapbilities.... 

  Kong Armor uses a deck coating that is far advanced in dealing with the reasons decks paint SYSTEMS fail and peel.

   With advanced UVBLOCK  that deflects damaging rays back into the atmosphere, to it's high STRETCH,  of up to 300% that deals with wood expansion.

   Because of a special process called acrylic CROSS-LINKING Kong Armor's Deck Paint SYSTEMS can also contract, something most fail to do.
 This is one of many reasons Kong is further than most in this field.

   But if it stopped at the coating system. KONG ARMOR would still come up short.

 The many trade practices developed by Proprietor Anthony Ford over the last 10 years . Is a crucial part of Kong Armor's success ❗

    Anthony in or around 2011 was trusted into a position of solving the equation of finding a solution for decks with PEELING DECK-OVER,  and Restore. Two DIY coatings sold by large home improvement stores.

     Over the years Anthony has dealt with a tremendous number of Deck Restorations utilizing repair and Kong Armor's Deck Coating System

  His theory that wood decks need high build , high STRETCH coatings and LIFETIME service. Is what makes Kong Armor great.

    His many deck techniques include:  

 * Insane Cleaning and PREPARATION , far beyond average painters

  *A pressure washing technique that he quasi invented in 2011 to prepare grey wood for coating called "surface burning".

  * extreme proficiency with EPOXY and elastomer to deal with large gaps and holes in wood.

* Encapsulation and Lock-Down of Peeling Deck Paint. I.e Behr Deck over,  Restore, restore 10x, Deck in a day...etc
Anthony may be one of the most experienced in the nation at this task. Making Kong Armor the same
 He is often sought after from people across the nation for help with their decks and PEELING deck paint.

 * Resurfacing

 And much much more. If it can be done with a Deck. Chances are Anthony can do it, and has a process already in place to do it proficiently.

If your searching for the best Deck Painter in Northern Kentucky...... It is him ....via Kong Armor

Here is there info:

Kong Armor

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Complete repair and Restoration in conjunction with coating.