🦍 Williamstown Lake, KY Massive Dock Painting Project ❗🦍

Let's take a few minutes and take a look at Kong Armor's Williamstown, Kentucky Dock Restoration Painting Project. On Williamstown Lake❗...............

  This was no ordinary Dock Painting Project. We are talking 200 feet of wood stairs, around 5000 square feet of deck floors and dock floors.  Over 200 ft of split rail fence . And a old cracked foundation . 

As with a lot of our CUSTOMERS I became pretty decent buddies with the owner, and his family. Which were super INSANELY nice people to me and my crew while we where on scene . 

 Here are a few pictures so u can get a idea of the scope of work.  This was basically a large deck with stairs leading downhill away from the home to a dock system. 

Check out some of the before pics:


   The Very first phase of this project was a 7 day METICULOUS pressure CLEANING of all surfaces. 

   We took on Wasp, Bee's and even raccoons and raccoon scat, in order to get this property ready to coat. 

I would say the most challenging aspect of the whole dock painting project on Williamstown Lake was dealing with the steep hill while CLEANING. 

 Moving our High-powered  choremaster 3200 pressure washer up and down the hill via the stairs was a task. And it was a lot worse while cleaning the outside the of the stairs as we had too continue to level out our pressure washer, since we were on bare ground, so it could run properly. 

   Secondly was the MILDEW and ALGAE growth down on the dock system itself. It was extremely bad. So bad that I actually wore a respirator while doing it. 

Here our some pics of the dirt, grime, algae, mildew, and likely mold on the dock system itself;

   Like I said it took days to clean all this properly , A major mistake that most deck painting CONTRACTORS make is lack of PROPER cleaning. And it is because usually they dont do decks full time like KONG ARMOR. They only paint 1 or 2 a year so they are not armed with the knowledge that is essiental to determine the amount of cleaning they need to do. 

   At KONG ARMOR we have found that decks really need to be meticulously cleaned. Way past what a general all purpose painting contractor is willing to do. 

  We know that one small spot of dirt, grime, algae or mildew can cause alot of chaos if you paint over top of it. Infact most large scale deck paint system failures are caused by lack of PROPER cleaning. 

Here is a couple pics of the system cleaned:


What else happened besides METICULOUS CLEANING before we coated❓

    Because Kong Armor focuses on being a deck painting contractor above all else, we have a system that we use that is pretty standard and keeps quality above grade. 

     So before this giant dock and deck system was painted/ coated we spent hours setting loose nails and screws. And making small repairs , there was especially alot of epoxy repairs too wood that took place. Some large unnatural gaps and CRACKS that were caused from years of DAMAGING UV rays.  We filled them in with miracle epoxy and sanded them over, or knifed them over too a smooth finish. 

 This particular system we also replaced several boards , as a deck painter in northern kentucky you will find usually a board or two on every deck that is just leaching out (pitch) or what most people will refer too as sap. 

If a tree is alive the goo that comes out of its knots and poures is called sap, if the tree is dead or lumber its then called (pitch). 

This system had several boards that had to be replaced because of extreme oozing of pitch. 

Check this out:

This is just a picture of one of the steps❗🦍

There was several of these.... we replaced them, just a massive amount of 'pitch' 'sap' 'goo'. Enough that it would wreck any ADHESION. So they had to go.  They were replaced, and once we finished all our preparations we painted this giant system

 Here is what Kong Armor's Deck Paint System looked like on this massive Lake Williamstown Spread at completion❗:

   We ended up getting a great lock on this deck, dock,fence and foundation system. 

   Part of Painting and Protecting these objects is understanding that they are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. And that they move and shift because of temperature changes. 

   Kong Armor is doing something that we believe never to be have been done before. 
We are a different breed of deck painter. 

   Our theory is why leave our customers. ❓

 They know this is challenging, we know its challenging❓

 The World knows that coating exterior wood that is walked and lived on is challenging❓πŸ’―

    So what we do is we give our customers a warranty against poor tradesmanship...  for as long as they own their deck. 

     And we offer them long-term care for damage caused by wear and tear . If they damage their Kong Armor Deck Paint System... we can easily repair it.

   Our customers are locked into affordable and fair service rates at Contract Signing. 

Additionally we also offer preventive maintenance for them at these same fair rates ( pressure cleaning) (annual check-ups).... (small repairs).....etc....after all we are a full service deck Restoration company. Who better to serve than our own clients. 

This is different because most deck painters are chuck-in-trucks... every time they touch your deck they are going to want to repaint the whole thing. 

We say why? Let's build a customer base, keep them happy ❗ And this in-turn will bring more new deck painting projects too us. And same thing for fences, docks, foundations...etc...

We say decks generically because that's the niche that's been carved out for us by the community. We are NOTORIOUS for our Ultra Tough Long Lasting Armor Deck Paint SYSTEMS,  in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, South East Indiana, and beyond. 

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