Verona, Kentucky Deck Gets Painted With Tough Armor Paint System

Verona, Kentucky October 2019

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  This beautiful Deck overlooking Bullock Pen Lake in Southern Boone County Kentucky was the site of a Kong Armor Deck Painting Project. 

   Let's talk about the condition the deck was found in. :

   Estimated age of the Deck  ( 30 Years OLd) 

  It was found to be structurally sound as far as its foundation and supporting post. 

   Although some post had large Cracks caused by Heat Expansion  From the Sun 🌞.

   The rails were mildly to moderately in bad condition. With major sun damage🌞, loose boards and spindles from the use of nails at construction instead of coated screws, and the rail system as a whole was loose in areas or wobbly.

    The Deck Floor was found to be moderately to severely sun damaged🌞, with areas of rot caused from years of improper Paint Protection.

   There existed thousands of hairline cracks in the floor boards from expansion and contraction cycles.

   The floor boards were found to be on their last leg. Many of them still had life left. However a complete encapsulation and solid thick protection is what would be needed to save them long term.

   Overall condition grade of the deck, on a scale of A to F with F being the worst this deck was a strong C- or D.

    Ideal candidate for either total board REPLACEMENT or Restoration Coating Like Kong Armor offers.

The choice was made to restore using Kong Armor's Ultra thick Armor Paint System. ........

    The first phase of this project was to complete all the repairs and then meticulously wash the deck. 

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There was several floor boards on this deck that needed replaced and several that needed EPOXY repair. 

 Along with other things that are standard repair/maintenance items that we do on all older decks. Like we add stair treads to the underside of all stairs above 6ft tall. And braces to all railing systems typically

 Also with this deck painting project we took alot of camo premium coated deck screws and fastened down alot of loose boards. 

 We are different than say a standard guy or painting business that just comes in and washes your deck for 45 mind and then comes the next day and paints it as quickly as they can so they are able to get to their next job. 

   We do standard maintenance and repair/restoration on all decks that we apply our Armor Paint System too.

   Once standard repair/maintenance or Restoration is complete then we focus on cleaning, on this deck in Verona it was a 6 hour cleaning. Spanning a whole work day
with breaks. 

METICULOUS and DELIBERATE REPETITION of going over the same surfaces again and again and again. 

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So once this Deck went through all the above PREPARATION,  which is Standard for all Kong Armor Deck Systems..... then the Coating Process was started.

   This Beautiful Deck was Painted with 3 Coats of Kong Armor on the Floors and 2 coats on the Rail Systems. 

  Our Painting Process is as you guessed more METICULOUS as well. 

    Typically we will paint all of our rail systems and fascia etc first , then we go in and use our Deck Armor on the floors. 

   The Floor gets lined out first with a Deck Brush and Pole. We call this (in-betweens). We are painting the CRACKS between the boards getting as much coating in them as possible and them smoothing it over. 

Then Kong Armor Deck Painters will usually lightly swipe the planks as they are doing the line out.... ( this is coat 1)
Cut in around the house and other areas is done at this time as well. 

  Once the line out of in between the boards is done Kong Armor Painters will then apply two more top coats of our Ultra-Tough-High Build Deck Armor via Thick nap roller . 

The end result is always a beautiful resurface ..

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