Kong Armor Deck Coating System saves Kentucky Deck with Peeling Behr Deck-Over !

Deck peeling paint in Union ky , Kong Armor saved this deck with elastic  deck paint

One of the very first Decks to really make a social media or internet presence for Kong Armor. This Deck in Union , KY suffered severely from Peeling Behr Deck-Over. 

  Unique for launching Kong Armor into attention on Facebook , prior to its release to the platform, all of Kong's activity in Deck Painting , and specifically Locking Down Peeling Behr Deck-Over was word of mouth. 

   We washed this deck for several hours due to the failed behr deck coating system. As we washed more and more of the system released from the deck, sometimes in big sheets like paper, and other times just small little pieces at a time. 

We washed and prepped untill we felt that the remaining DECK-OVER had good ADHESION. 

 From there we Painted on Several layers of Kong Armor . Building it thick in order to encapsulate and resurface the damaged surface. 

    After lots of Work, we were able to successfully turn this deck into a beautiful deck system. 

Below is all the data we have on the project. Some of it was lost over the last couple of years. Enjoy the pictures. 

Kong Armor as you can see its Strong, Versatile,  Tough, Rugged and Thick…..fully capable of restoring even the most weathered and neglected decks back to life. 

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Kong Armor saves Union KY deck with PEELING paint deck painter Northern kentucky

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