A miracle transformation for a deck with Peeling Behr Deck Over in Cincinnati, Ohio thanks to special thick deck armor


It's a miracle- this family 👪 in Cincinnati , Ohio   hired a local friend that needed some work to restore their deck.  And we must admit. He had done a pretty decent job of preparation before we arrived. However the family just was unsure about his ability to access a coating that would successfully lock down the stubborn deck over that had good adhesion.  

So we stepped in with our ultra thick and highly expansive coating. That was specifically designed for this reason - and just engulfed this deck system with it. 

Of course we started back from scratch even though the fella did a good cleaning and prep. 

We re-washed, got up a bit more of the peeling coating with our high powered cleaner and lifters 

We did a few repairs . Board replacement as well as some small wood damage repair with our #silverbackepoxy system

Worked on replacing a few bad screws and nails... #loosedeckscrews #loosedecknails 

So essentially this was a #deckrestorationpainting project for Kong Armor Deck Painters.  

So basically it was come in and clean 💦 - repair🛠 - paint🎨

The results of how our Lifetime Deck Armor Paint System with insane adhesion and insane stretch locked down this #deckleprosy situation is amazing.