Deck Rescue Painting - What this Cincinnati Deck with Peeling Behr Deck ...

Sick with it. Kong Armor deck painters have locked down and encapsulated another deck with peeling deck over in the Cincinnati Tri-state area.

We are in the hundreds now with zero doubt. most experienced in the nation at doing this, and doing it properly.which is often a lot of work

this deck was on the eastside of Cincinnati - Beechmont Avenue area.      Just a mess for this family to deal with, the peeling behr deck over here on this deck was super bad. they tried to have a family friend help out and it just was not working out for them.


we came in did some repairs, utilized our rot-shot penetrating acrylic on a few tiny areas of rot. used our Silverback epoxy ( insanely tough epoxy repair system for decks).......cleaned up and prepared the deck for lockdown enncapsulation.......... and then we just engulfed this deck system in our thick build Kong Armor lifetime Deck Paint System.

the results are stunning. completely resurfaced deck......beautiful

visit us for a quote.......quit playing around with amateurs