Hebron Kentucky deck owner ditches annual painting for world's toughest deck armor coating system


   We found this deck with dog claw scratches and peeling deck paint.  The owner tired of annual deck painting was searching for a solution. 

   We came in and was able to take our Kong Armor Premium Deck Coating System and lockdown and encapsulate the peeling deck paint. Also subsequently this process also resurfaced the dog claw scratches and filled in cracks and gaps . 

Our ultra thick and highly expansive deck armor is designed to Lockdown peeling deck paint and restore and revive old beat down wood. And composite even for that matter. 

  With Kong now on the customer's deck , annual deck painting is no longer needed due to our lifetime Limited warranty  and more so because of our lifetime service promise. ( both unheard of in deck painting )

   Kong Armor is always fixed for free for life of ownership if it peels or cracks from poor trade. 

However our lifetime service for our customers , gives them the ability to touch up and bring their systems back to life for insanely affordable rates that our contractually guaranteed.  

We utilized our #superbuild feature on this deck to combat dog scratches..... Superbuild from Kong Armor is our thickest deck floor... with the intentional layering of 4 or more coats to build a ultra thick build - high stretch layer or armor. 

We have recently seen great results with #superbuild and also whats great about the feature is if the dogs do break it down we can repair it swiftly and make a thicker modification. Everything we do the surface gets tougher and tougher and tougher. 

Where our customer would face the annual cost of completely painting or staining their decks every year or every other year. With Kong they may see a fraction of that cost or none at all. 

 Kong is tough and rugged,  it takes on abbrasions and surface scuffs like no other coating in existence. With its high stretch it is able to keep up with wood or composite movement easily. Preventing peeling and cracking. 

Our deck armor systems our Lifetime systems and we stay with our customers for life with local full service warranty and support. 

  Most homeowners have never seen this type of service or are not use to it.... 

Our passion is simple. To help families protect their decks for life, and save them from.the ultimate expense of replacement and or constant repainting.   

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