There exist another option instead of thin deck paints and stains - dont waist your money💵

   The Nation is loaded with thousands of decks like the one pictured above in Union Kentucky..

   Their owners pay in many cases hundreds to thousands annually to coat and protect them.

 Not realizing that money is caught in a viscous trap. 

  Paints and stains designed by the nations top manufacturers and marketed to consumers and local painters ( independent sales reps) are designed to last a few months and then take.on massive failure. 

 Why? Profit of course. When your in the business of selling coatings....... you sell coatings. 

  The truth is these thin deck paints stand no chance against the foot traffic Americans lay down on their decks annually let alone the real problem. 

 Whats the real problem ❓.................

  A combination from mother nature , a constant jab in the form of the sun and damaging uv rays, a hook via humidity and heat that causes expansion and contraction of wood, and a massive overhand from moisture that finalizes the knockout. 

This combination from mother nature not only causes deck paint and stain systems to fail, it causes decks them self to rot and fall apart. 

   And homeowners are so locked into this cycle the only question they have is " how long will it last" when you offer them a real solution. 

 It's not their fault. Thats cant grasp it. They've been trained to believe in a miracle. Every year a new coating for their deck with different promises of forever. 

    The actual solution is much more complicated. 

What's the solution ❓.................

It's called Kong Armor a very thick high stretch industrial elastic deck armor thats paired not only with Lifetime Warranty. But lifetime service as well. 

Homeowners have never seen the option of having a thick build elastic coating paired with lifetime support from a local company. 

It's so simple on its face ..... that it confuses them. Almost as if they can't grasp why paying a bit more for the ability to never completely repaint their deck again makes sense. 

But for the homeowners where Kong Armor is offered in Cincinnati Northern Kentucky tri-state area that do grasp the idea.....

Their days of costly repaints come to and end. 

Find out more about Kong Armor... ( world's toughest deck armor) here: