Independence KY deck with #uglydecksyndrome gets Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Coating system #deckpainters

 Ugly deck syndrome.........

Is when a deck has reached a point of poor maintenance that it has a one or a combination of the following that make it unsightly. 

  1. Peeling Deck Paint 
  2. Mikdew,  mold, algae growth
  3. Wood rot
  4. Nail or screw corrosion 
  5. Loose boards
  6. Filthy dirty boards 
  7. Missing wood 
  8. General non- unkeep 

    That was exactly the case with this deck in Independence, Kentucky when we found it. Here are a few photos of the decks condition upon initial inspection. 

So obviously this deck had peeling deck paint, in this case it was peeling behr deckover , the floor and most horizontal surfaces were basically all but void of the former coating, the rail systems cap rails were peeling.  The majority of the spindles the behr deck over was present and still had adhesion which is typical. 

Mildew , mold and algae were all present , with a thick film over the decks floor. Along with this the deck system's fastners ( nail and screws) were beginning to show signs of corrosion. 

Multiple boards were present with rot from lack of proper protection and several had to be replaced. 

And we could just go on and on and on , about the poor condition of this Independence KY deck, truthfully this is very normal for the area. 

Kong Armor - World's toughest deck armor paint system changes things for this deck.......

And more importantly for it's owner(s).........

   So we came in and repaired the deck and brought it back up to maintenance standards. - replaced bad boards and planks,  set loose nails and screws replaced bad ones, added braces , and tightened rails , added safety angles to the underside of the steps over 6ft tall. 

  The deck was then washed , allowed to air dry - and then encapsulated ( coated with our proprietary deck armor)...... A thick build high stretch very tough coating that just encapsulates and engulfs everything it touches. This process fills in cracks and gaps, locksdown peeling deck paint , and resurfaces the deck to a beautiful ultra thick and luxurious new surface look and feel. 

   This whole process we call #deckrestorationpainting,  it combines the services of 3 seperate contractors in one shot. Repair- cleaning- Painting.

  ( it's important to note that we use the term #deckpainting #painting #paint to trigger search engines, Kong armor is a industrial proprietary coating, technically not a thin paint , not residential,  but if we dont incorporate those terms , we become hard to find for those searching for a solution for their deck)

    The #deckrestorationpainting went awesome for this deck, and we were able to save this deck for these customers and also save them thousands over replacement of their deck floor, which was really on the line if something was not done soon. 

Here is photos of the transformation... the deck color I believe is similiar to a cabin brown:

But we also changed something else for the customers. ......

Kong Armor comes with Lifetime Limited Warranty and Lifetime Service Promise. Backed by local Kong Armor Deck Painters. 

 This allows the customers to access warranty and repair and annual cleanings for their deck system and keep up with continual maintenance.  Which is part of owning a deck, most homeowners overlook this vital process. However are warranty and service promise keep them on track. 

   So after Kong Armor these customers have no reason to ever have their deck back in the condition it was in. If they keep up with their warranty and service promise, Kong is the last time they will ever have to completely paint their deck again. They won't have to ever eat a cost like that..... super cool. 

To find out more about Kong Armor and our ultr thick and high stretch deck armor coating systems visit:

Anthony Ford 
Kong Armor