Kong Armor ™️ saves Northern Kentucky Deck with peeling behr deckover - Deck's owners save thousands πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’°❗


  The picture above is a deck owned by a wonderfully kind Independence KY couple. πŸ‘«

   From what I gather they couldn't find any painters or deck restoration specialist that were willing to save their deck without either complete floor replacement or massive cost in sanding and restoration. 

  With the peeling behr deck over that was present on their deck, truth is most local painting contractors do not have the proper experience in the process of encapsulation of peeling deck coatings. Or if they do, the simply have other jobs that are less labor intensive that pay more. 

If you reach out to a deck repair guy ( which is insanely hard to find).... and you manage to get one out to look at a deck like this one, their going to specify at minimum whole deck floor replacement. Anything short of that is just not worth their time. 

  So this couple was really glad to hear that I could save their deck with our Ultra Thick - High Stretch deck coating ' Kong Armor' ™️

   Kong Armor ™️ is no residential deck paint or stain. It's a industrial #thickbuild elastomer. That in fact was designed specifically for restoration of old wood decks and to be able to completely encapsualte them locking down any previous failed paint systems that are on them. 

Essentially, it's a fresh start for decks that are in bad shape or extremely weathered,  it's so tough and rugged, yet flexible. Kong can stretch up too 300 %. This is essential,  because it leaves room for wood to expand and contract. Here in the tristate with a true 4 season climate and major humidity and heat shifts.  That's extremely vital. 

   So what did we do to get this deck back to tip top shape and protected and beautiful. 

  We utilized one of our services called #deckrestorationpainting. 

" Deck Restoration Painting" from Kong Armor ™️ - is when we utilize repair and restoration to get a deck back into good physical condition and up too code. Before we coat the deck with our armor. 

  Typically this service comes with standard package- 

🟒 Up too 5 deck boards replaced 

🟒The setting back down of loose nails and screws 

🟒 Replacement of up too 5 bad spindles 

🟒 Utilization of SilverBack Epoxy ™️ for large cracks

🟒 ledges for the underside of tall deck stairs 

🟒 Braces for rail post attached to floor 

🟒 other repair we feel is in-line with price

🟒  pressure or soft washing cleaning 

🟒And then finally once the deck is up to good condition we coat and encapsulate the deck in several layers of our thick build premuim elastic Kong Armor' ™️

  So after we carried out our ' Deck Restoration Painting' service with our insanely thick and high stretch deck armor paint system... this is the results.  

Take a look at this :

Brand New - fresh start....... 

Kong Armor ™️ is very powerful at resurfacing old worn down wood, and locking down and encapsulating peeling deck coatings. Creating a fresh start for deck owners. 

After we completed this deck it was the most gorgeous deck in the entire neighborhood.  

Kong's finish is thick and luxurious and alsmot has a composite look to it. 

It's so amazing at filling in cracks and gaps and it's film thickness just resets everything back to nice and flush. Clean slate. 

Now , I got to tell you. This service that we offer - the #deckrestorationpainting with our proprietary super insanely thick and tough coating for decks... In and of itself is very very valuable to deck owners. If we offered nothing more. I feel the price we charge is fair . 

But when I started Kong Armor years ago, I made a promise that I would build something different for deck owners when it came to the coating and protection of their deck systems. 

  The thing is.............. deck owners have been deceived by marketing gimmicks and con companies in the past couple of decades when it comes to deck painting , deck staining, deck sealing. Each company offering the 'miracle cure' the  ' ultimate protection ....... but when  their customers needed them... they would  give them a 1800 -number and a " sorry your warranty does not cover that" excuse. 

I knew my customers deserved better from us, and my community of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati ' even South East Indiana - the tri-state.... the people... our customers deserved better. 

 So we give every Kong Armor customer a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  Coating and Labor. We believe in our Systems ability to restore , resurface and protect your deck so much, that will warranty our system for the life of ownership.  

But the difference in our Warranty and theirs is real simple. We locally service and maintain ours. With a actionable workforce that can resolve issues if they arise.  We provided the labor , we provided the coating system... if it's defective , we are local to the area and are in business and can come and restore the system and honor our word. Our trade , our craft........

I can tell you from experience and the countless horror stories I've heard , that we have the best warranty in the industry.  

For example, if your composite fails, your going to be given a phone number 1-800 and tossed around and maybe you might , you might after mighty effort get some replacement planks...etc... but the labor will not be included. 

If you hire a run of the mill painter to paint or stain your deck system.... your not going to get a warranty.  Or for them ever to come back outside of a few days after initial application.  

There is a few lifetime seal and coating gimmicks out there but typically they cover one or the other either coating or labor,  not both.... and many of them do not honor their warranties... they have escape clauses that they utilize. And most our from out of town , they are here today, gone tommorow , changed their name and onto the next money gimmick. 

  Kong Armor is different. We are here to be #1, and that means we have to take care of our existing customers and keep their decks protected for life. We don't dodge or backburner our customers. Period❗

Here is a picture of the service plaques we put on all of our decks , fences , docks, etc when we are done restoring and coating them. 

Picture of Kong Armor Deck Paint System Service Plaque attached to side of deck with logo phone number and website

We want our customers to be able to contact us if they have issues with their system. Pride ❗

Also paired with our Lifetime Warranty is a Lifetime Service promise, it's extremely valuable to keep your decks armor coatings system intact and protecting your deck for life.....

For example , if let's say you have a contractor out to do your roof and he damages your Kong Armor system throwing shingles off, well under your service contract you can have that damage repaired at a extremely affordable rate. 

Whereas most homeowners don't have that, if they called the guy who coated their deck to repair a area , he would want to recoat the whole deck or refuse for lack of profit. 

This lifetime service and warranty if embraced ensures you never have to fully repaint your deck system again. And is highly valuable , the best warranty and service plan in the industry for decks, the only real one that exists of we our being honest. Especially in tandem to each other. 

    We think the choice is clear , our features win❗ our warranty and service is unmatched and unheard of. Our product is thicker and tougher and longer lasting ❗

And we know that if you seek us for help with your deck system.... or fence , dock, - we do those too,.........you won't regret your choice. We won't leave you, will stay with you for life. And that's a huge huge advantage 😁🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

If you would like to sign up for a quote go to our website and click the ( get free quote ) button here is the link :


If you still have questions, Kong Armor is happy to answer them and be of assistance.  You can πŸ“ž call or text πŸ“² us anytime 859-815-0652 is the number. 

Our website is great, but let me tell you,  a ultimate source for info on our service and our coating system is in the history of our Facebook page, you can go through and look at our projects and photos and videos... and see the life's we change and the money we save families every year. Here is the link to it:








OH I Forgot ❗🦍 , one last thing,  here is the video of this Independence, KY Deck taken directly after we coated it with our Lifetime Armor