Loveland Ohio Deck with Peeling Deck Paint is about to get Encapsulated by Kong Armor 🦍 and #lockout is here


This is the #lovelandpatio,  a small deck system that we came to perform #deckrescuepainting on with our Insanely tough Kong Armor ™️  Lifetime Deck Armor system . 

The customers will be ecstatic tommorow Sat Sept 18 2021 when they see how powerful Kong Armor is at the #lockdown #encapsualtion of peeling deck paint. 

Will end up saving this family πŸ‘ͺ several thousand dollars over sanding or chemical peel processes or floor replacement to deal with the peeling on this deck floor. 

I'll update the blog tommorow night or Monday with the results...but for those who follow us on fb
 ( ) I'm sure you will see it , and you already know what's about to take place....we're going to rebuild this deck floor ....Kong Armor will fill in all the cracks and gaps and just engulf this floor in layers of thick build gorgeous elastic deck armor.... 

   Plus ➕  on this deck we are working with our new #lockout primer... a penetrating sealer that dives deep into the grain and cracks of wood and soldifies....... what it does,; is fight #reversewaterintake πŸ’¦ it's essiental for low lying decks , docks , patios that are close to the ground.

It stops water from the underside of the deck system from rising up through the planks and causing peeling to the decks paint system....

( this is why many of you with low level decks have issues with your deck paint system...bubbling , blisters, )

#lockout has been in development for around 4 months as we begin weapons and tools to fight back against R.W.I πŸ’¦- we R excited to launch it

Stay tuned to our blog , fb page , YouTube channel and more as we push through the end of Deck Armor season here in The Northern Kentucky Cincinnati Tri-State Area.