Extremely Weathered Deck in Cincinnati saved from Replacement by Kong Armor #deckrescuepainters

 We saved another Cincinnati deck from ending up in the garbage...........

Along with that fact . It also means that we saved another family from tapping into their savings or having to spend money on deck replacement or rebuild. 

It's a major expense that many families in the tristate face annually. And for the most part , it can be avoided . There are some extremely bad decks out there that cannot be resurfaced and restored by Kong Armor . Or any coating system . But, they are few and far in between.

So whenever we get to do deck rescue painting . It is a important job. And we take it seriously.  Remember Kong Armor is not just there to extend a deck for another season, it is a Lifetime Deck Armor System.  What we do is important .  We are there to save our customers decks for the remainder of there ownership.  The savings can be huge and have a positive impact on their lives. 

Let's Talk about the #forrestdeck ! What were its problems?.....

The Forrest Deck was just extremely old and weather worn as
 you can see in these before pictures. It had all the problems you 
would associate with a 30 year old deck system
that had never truly been protected with a quality deck coating. 

The #forrestdeck before #lockdown #encapsulation with Kong Armor 

The #forrestdeck was much like all decks that we end up rescuing with our insanely thick , high-stretch , Lifetime Deck Armor. It had #uglydecksyndrome. 

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Essentially this Cincinnati Deck had virtually every bad condition you would see in a deck that is on the verge of replacement. Years of protection with thin residential deck paints and stains caused severe damage. Nail and screw entry points and cracks on this deck had never been covered . Which is very bad.  It caused rust and corrosion to take hold of the decks nails and screws. 

And likely none of these thin residential deck paints or stains protecting it in the past had very good #uvraydeflection or #waterlock capabilities . The #forrestdeck was in horrid shape when we found it. 

There was a 2x4 that had rot. It would have required a non-simple interchange. Breaking down a deck rail and rebuilding it. Along with a set of steps that showed initial indications of rotten treads. Later it was found that the risers themselves were rotten as well.

Here is the introduction video to the #forrestdeck . So you can get a better understanding of the condition of this deck before Kong Armor.

Lets go over how Kong Armor brought this deck system back to life!

       So the very first thing that took place was a thorough Cleaning of the deck. We like to do this before any repairs take place. We see some contractors and companies do their repairs and restoration first. What we have found here at Kong Armor is that the deck cleaning process exposes problems. And that is also why we like to use pressure. A good pressure cleaning will expose any weak or bad areas on a deck. If you do your repairs first, you will likely just have to do some more after cleaning. So we believe in cleaning first. 

With the #forrest deck in particular. We utilized some trade secret cleaning techniques to deal with its peeling deck paint. In order to prepare it for #lockdown #encapsualtion. Kong Armor is notorious for it's ability to lockdown and encapsulate peeling deck paints and disintegrating stains. No sanding , no chemical peeling , Kong can engulf it and encapsulate it. So we also did the cleaning and prep steps to prepare the deck for that process. 

After Cleaning we completed the repairs. Which included Rebuilding the small stairs and working with our Special insanely tough Silverback Epoxy to rebuild the 2x4 that had rot. We did this to save our customer money. They were working within a budget, and breaking down a rail system and rebuilding it would have destroyed that budget. SilverBack is a special tool that we have in our arsenal. It cures harder than concrete and can be used to repair boards that have rot once they have been properly gutted and treated. We have SilverBack Repairs that are 10 years old, with zero problems.  We also replaced a deck board that was too far gone. And several spindles. 

Here are some pictures and videos below of the repairs:

Cincinnati Deck Painters Kong Armor also perform deck repair and restoration

picture of a newly constructed set of deck stairs built by kong armor deck painters

Once we the deck system was washed and repaired , we worked with SilverBack Epoxy to fill in Cracks and gaps, and Large Deck post cracks{ checking}. Besides being a deck repair epoxy for us. It is also our filler. Regular painters use caulk. Kong Armor #deckrescuepainters use epoxy.  Filling in these cracks and gaps helps us create #waterlock for deck posts and boards. SilverBack has insane adhesion and strong psi resistance. Unlike Caulk, it can actually hold cracks closed. This is highly valuable to our customers.  

This was followed by a hour or so of setting down loose nails and screws and doing miscellaneous deck maintenance. 

Finally before Coating with Our Insanely tough Kong Armor lifetime deck armor, we added braces to the rail corners and anywhere else that would help prevent future movement. A brace package comes standard with all of our lifetime deck armor systems. Likely something else that we offer that you won't get from a local painter or handy man. 

The Deck system from this point was coated. Using our LIFETIME DECK ARMOR. With the intent from the very first coat to the last brush stroke, or roll of a roller to fill cracks , gaps , and nail and screw entry points. And to build a thick build protective film over every ounce of it's surface. 

While similiar to Deck Painting or staining in the fact that we go through the motions of painting. It's a total different ballgame. We're in the business of absolutely driving our high grade elastomer into every opening or crevice . Creating a insanely thick membrane Over decks . That will stand the test of time. 

What we do is encapsulation. 

The benefit of having these cracks filled and nail and screw entry points filled. Along with your deck post cracks . Is insanely valuable. It can be the difference in you having a healthy deck system five years from now. Or being in a situation where your facing replacement . 

Let's take a look at some finished pictures of the #forrestdeck:

A shot of the newly issued Kong Armor service plaque. All of our Deck systems get these. Realtors love them. New homeowners who may buy a house with one of our systems in place can contact us to transfer lifetime service into their names. Also it reminds the current owners to contact us if there are any issues. Our number and website is listed. Plus they look cool as all get out. Does your deck have a Gorilla on the side of it ❓


From peeling deck paint and extremely weathered to transformed into a pretty decent looking deck system. For a deck that was extremely frayed and 30 plus years old . This is a miracle. No other process but our #deckrescuepainting could have produced results this great.
A look over the rail at the newly encapsualted Cincinnati Deck.  It's protective film is thick and tough ready to take on the elements and Sun 🌞 

picture of a deck rescue painting project in Cincinnati Ohio. A newly painted deck system with Kong Armor. Lifetime Deck Armor
Again , just beautiful from where we started . Every inch of the #forrestdeck is now covered in #toughfilmtechnology from Kong Armor. Up to 30x thicker than standard thin residential deck paints and stains. 70% to 80% percent of its cracks and gaps and open entry points have been completely covered and our #waterlocked

Is your deck in the same condition as the deck in this article?

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Why not coat it with the Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor system? and be done with it ?

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