Dog Claw Scratches and peeling Deck Paint no Match For Resurfacing Power Of Kong Armor Deck Armor Paint System

 Just no way to describe how powerful the Kong Armor Deck Paint System is at resurfacing badly worn decks and Locking Down and Encapsulating peeling deck Paint.

We used Kong in the Deck color { Light Slate } to completely resurface this deck in Morrow , Ohio just North of Cincinnati. 

The results are crazy impressive. When we found this backyard deck it was mauled with dog claw marks through the deck paint and into the wood of the deck itself, naturally because of this there was peeling deck paint. 

Kong Armor is a extremely thick and High Stretch Deck Armor that can be utilized to paint directly over surfaces that have this type of damage once cleaned and prepped. And what it did for this customers is amazing

the resurfacing aside- thats awesome.........

but, Kong Also was able to cure other problems they had via its thickness it was able to encapsulate frayed wood on this deck and create #splinterlock this same #thickbuild film also was able to fill in and cover gaps and cracks and nail and screws and bolts completely , Leaving the Deck amazingly protected from water #waterlock

Just a amazing value for the customers considering the fact that not only do they now have the World's toughest deck armor paint system. in a beautiful deck color Light Slate that looks amazing, but they also have:




this is insane value ,

A picture of the morrow deck and the step area that suffered from dog claw gouges from the dogs traversing the stairs to get inside. Pictured is a Kong Armor Deck Painter washing the deck in Preparation for painting and resurfacing with Kong Armor

the newly coated deck stairs with thick-build high-stretch and insanely adhesive Kong Armor Deck Paint System show the deck no longer shows dog claw marks or peeling deck paint, both have been locked down under massive layers of the world's toughest deck armor paint system- Kong Armor ‼️

New Deck color : 

Light Slate 

Deck color ideas - Light Slate- Light Blue - Light Grey - Blueish Grey- Gray