One of the great things about being the Proprietor of Kong Armor ™️
 ( World's toughest deck Armor)..............

Is that atleast a 20 or more times a year , I get the absolute 💯 percent pleasure of actually truly helping a family avoid deck replacement❗

  As was the case here with the deck system we named the #cicadadeck.... 

Extreme Weathering and Sun Damage 🌞 had left the #cicadadeck deck just crazy in horrid shape.  Here is a surface picture of the planks. 

Just a disaster for any family 👪 to deal with because everyone they reach out to for help to restore and protect the deck when they get this bad of surface damage,  is going to specify replacement.  It's a absurd cost ❗

That's because they do not have Kong Armor™️
A secret weapon for these decks that are surface destroyed. 

Kong Armor is thick , and bold,  high stretch industrial elastic Armor..... and it was specifically designed to resurface old weathered wood , and too lock down frayed wood and splinters and peeling deck paint.

The ultimate in resurfacing power from a coating system ❗

   I've done well over 500 of these , what I call Extreme Rescue Situations now with Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati decks.

And this one I knew would be a ultimate event to bring back to functional , strong , and resurfaced.  

We started by cleaning the deck system extremely well. We do this because it exposes problem areas. AND BOY DID IT EVER. 
It exposed over 30 planks on the Cicada Deck that absolutely had to be replaced. And so we replaced them... only the very worst ones that we knew could not be resurfaced or were weak or broken or compromised in integrity. 

   Hard to find a local deck contractor that will do this because of profit margins, they will want to replace the whole thing. 

However with over 1500 Deck Restoration painting projects under my supervision,  I am extremely versed at knowing what can be salvaged and last once protected with Kong Armor ™️ and what won't make it. 

Because we are doing a premuim lifetime deck armor system on our projects we have the additional profit to accommodate partial replacement - its not going to make or break our profit margin. This benefits the customer.

After deck washing 💦 and board replacement🗜🛠 we work with our custom solution to fill in large cracks on deck systems that we feel our Coating System will not fill in. It's called #silverbackepoxy and it's a miracle exterior epoxy that can be used as both a filler and a repair epxoy.... we utilize it most often to fill in large cracks in deck posts  ... here is some pictures of how we utilize Silverback to fill in cracks and lock out water #waterlock💦
Water 💧will not be able to sit down in that crack anymore ... Silverback Epoxy cures harder than concrete,  and it's a valuable tool in the Arsenal of Kong Armor to bring the absolute best in #waterlock. 

After We repaired and set down loose nails and screws , replaced bad lumber , did a thorough washing💦 , and filled in large cracks with Silverback Epoxy..... we then began the coating process on the Cicada Deck. 

Which is different than most painters who utilize thin residential deck paints and stains. 

The Kong Armor Deck Armor Painting process is way more intense and includes the pressing of our coating into as many cracks and gaps as possible, and it's hard 💪work... wears your arms out..... we call it #encapsulation 

And it's what we do... we encapsulate decks with our premium coating that nobody else has access too. Specifically tweaked for the lockdown encapsulation of decks here in the tristate. 

     You can see above after just 1 coat of Kong Armor ™️ and specifically using it to resurface pressing into the cracks and gaps and hairlines the Cicada Deck started to come back to life...

The ultra thick Kong Armor ™️ elastic we utilize is full bodied and works very well at just encasing all the wood 🪵planks ... things begin to change quickly for ugly decks once Kong is applied.

Finally we coated the floors and inside areas of the deck , and you can see the amazing results the Kong Armor ™️ brings in the way of resurfacing and encapsulating extremely weathered- sun damaged wood. 

And it's tough , best of all thanks to #acrylicfusion a process where we have on a molecular level linked all the acrylic polymers in Kong together,  - it is insanely high stretch with contraction ability and has insane adhesion.. ( first in class) 

What's that mean ? Well.......

Kong Armor ™️ has the ability to keep up with the movement of the decks planks when they expand and contract due to temperature and humidity level changes .... and the insane adhesion insures that it won't fail under this movement and loose grip... 

Look at the difference between the first picture in this article , and the picture here directly above. 

We believe in the 🔋power of our Coating System and our trade secrets and craftsmanship to bring decks Back from the dead 💀.....

So much that we give our customers a 




Both of which are unmatched in the industry. 

If you would like to find out more about Kong Armor or want to schedule a quotation for #deckrescuepainting or any of our Deck Armor Services visit :

Additionally you can always call 📞 /text or whatsapp message us at: (859)815-0652 

Here are more pictures of the #cicadadeck completed .... we feel that we saved this 👪 family in the neighborhood of 20k to 30k in replacement cost.- great wonderful kind people to work for they were first class to us the whole time.  IF YOU READ THIS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS. 

Picture of a Kong Armor Deck painting project in Crescent Springs KY

Picture of a Kong Armor deck armor system - Crescent Springs KY Deck painters and restoration repair

Picture of side view of this beautiful elastomer painted deck

Deck floor picture of extreme sun damage that has been resurfaced and encapsulated by the Kong Armor Deck armor system - deck rescue painters.

Picture of Villa Hills KY deck system thats been sealed and resurfaced by Kong Armor deck painters