Northern Kentucky - and more specifically Morning View, KY was the site of this #deckrescuepainting project by 
Kong Armor ™️🦍 

 A deck system spread that featured a pool patio, a deck , a side patio with Pergola,  and a covered porch system. 

For the sake of simplicity will call this whole area a deck..... each area was painted or stained at different times over the years...

So there were several different deck paint and stain systems on the deck. We identified Rustoluem Restore 10x that was massively peeling , and Behr Deck Over that was massively peeling, as well as a semi - transparent stain of some sort under the covered porch that was sort of just disappearing. 

Here are some more pictures of what the peeling looked like once we started our cleaning process.....

 At Kong Armor ™️ we call this #deckleprosy and #uglydecksyndrome ❗

   And typically decks in this bad of shape go through major restoration ie, floor replacement, floor sanding , chemical peel  etc ... before any deck refinishing or deck painting can be done. 

However at Kong , we have a Special process called encapsulation,  that allows us to literally apply our Insanely thick,  high-build , high-stretch deck armor ( not deck paint) ... directly over top of decks like this with peeling deck paints and completely #lockdown all the peeling deck paint. SUBSQUENTLY it resurfaces and brings the deck back to life ....

Of course we have trade secrets that we utilize to prepare the surfaces for #peelingdeckpaint #lockdown #encapsulation.....

But the point I'm making is , the customers avoid replacing their entire deck floor , or paying for some absurd sanding or chemical peel process to remove the peeling behr deck over ...etc.... 

Instead they embrace #deckrescuepainting with us , a all-in-one solution that cleans πŸ’¦, restores and replaces any rotten lumber etc, and includes the #lockdown #encapsualtion of their deck and any peeling coatings in our special deck armor. 

The results are stunning. 

 Kong Armor is a special deck coating , and not only that. It's applied specially..... 

  The ability to "bridge" thanks to #firstclass #acrylicfusion ( a process that binds or links acrylic polymers together) allows Kong to be applied over loose objects grab adhesion on one side "bridge" or stretch over the object and grab adhesion on the other side or surrounding areas.... encasing #encapsulating and #lockingdown .....

 This special property of Kong Armor  ™️ , allows us to lockdown peeling deck paints and disentegrating stains... without sanding or removing the peeling deck paint. 

It's a huge money saver πŸ™Œ πŸ’Έ

But , Kong's powers don't stop there , it is also first class in it's ability to fill cracks , gaps and lockdown and encapsulate frayed wood , and splinters ..... #splinterlocktechnology

And our application process is different and more indepth,  thorough,  than what you would get from say a local painting contractor seeking to make a buck or two....

You see , we call our Deck Coating Process - #encapsualtion..... because our goal is to completely engulf and encapsulate everything we coat..... this means we initially take our coating system and we use elbow grease πŸ’ͺ #manpower to drive it into the cracks and openings in your deck system.... this includes cracks , hairline cracks , gaps , nail entry points , screw entry points, anywhere water πŸ’§ can make its way into we work initially to drive our #thickbuild #deckresurfacepaint into those openings......and it's a lot of work ✊πŸ‘·‍♂️

    Once that is achieved then we apply subsquent layering , but during the whole process our goal is to fill openings and resurface. 

A huge huge difference from what you would get from a local painter who maybe does one or two decks a year with residential grade thin deck paint or stain..... their Goal is to wash the deck ...and apply their thin paint or stain and to a reasonable appearance and get paid πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

And , hey❗ listen... it's not their fault. It's what they've been taught , it's what they know. They believe they are providing a exceptional service...when in reality... they just put a paper thin layer of protection on a exterior wood structure that is just laying on the surface and all the cracks and openings are still exposed , allowing water to rust the fasteners and bolts and mildew and mold growth to setup in the large cracks. #destruction is #imminent 

   Kong Armor 🦍 and it's application process is superior in every way to standard deck painting or deck staining. 

Please check out the completion video πŸ“Ή πŸ™ of the #morningviewproject a #deckrescuepainting #peelingdeckpaint #lockdown #encapsulation project below πŸ”½

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